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About the Foundation

We have been helping homeless and free-living cats in our area for some time now. During this time, we have been dealing with domestic cats, which for some reason ended up on the streets, sick cats, cats hurt by people, but also with wild ones – free-living, which after receiving help were released.

We also receive people who want to help. Some of them financially, others by action… Hence the idea to create the Foundation. Our role as an organization is to coordinate various forms of assistance, but also to spread awareness and empathy towards animals. With the funds obtained from collections and donations we intend to finance treatment and feeding of homeless and free-living cats. It is also necessary to carry out expensive sterilizations to reduce the population and thus the phenomenon of homelessness. For the cats most in need, the only rescue will be to find permanent or temporary homes.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation shall consist of

However, our activity and effectiveness is based on volunteers, willing to join the whole range of activities to help our little friends. Everyone can contribute something good and unique to our actions, so we warmly invite you!

Foundation Data:

Fundacja Kocia Wyspa
ul. Poniatowskiego 14
37-450 Stalowa Wola
Numer KRS: 0000462235
NIP: 865-255-89-33
Bank Account No.: 72 1930 1233 2730 0727 8897 0001


The Kitten Island Foundation has the status of a Public Benefit Organization.

When filling out the PIT return you can help us by donating 1% of your tax.

in the field KRS OPP just enter KRS number: 0000462235