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What dangers do cats face in the home?

New Year’s Eve is a time when animals are frightened and stupefied by fireworks, and the new year begins with posters of missing animals. It is worth taking care of a quiet place in the house for the cat/dog, away from the window, you can drown out the sounds with music (preferably relaxing) and above all you need to have secured windows and balcony. Cats in panic can squeeze through an open window or between their legs through a balcony.

Spring is coming, and with it many domestic cats get “monkey wits” and want to get out of the house at any cost. Every year we receive several reports of new runaways, most of which never return home.
Therefore, we urge you to keep your furry ones safe by properly securing your windows and balconies. We emphasize that there is no other effective way than nets and mosquito nets on open windows and balconies. Preferably reinforced, because many cats like to chew them.

Very often we hear arguments: “but my cat will not jump out”.
Remember: the cat is an animal that has a hunting instinct. Do not delude yourself that as humans you understand its nature. Be smart before you hurt!