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Every kitten, no matter if it is an indoor, outdoor or an only child, must be vaccinated at least twice. The first vaccination should be done at the age of 8-9 weeks. The second after about a month.
Normally, we vaccinate against 3 viruses:


If your cat will be in contact with many other cats, you should also consider vaccinating for feline leukemia.

Remember that some viruses can be contracted by accident, e.g. through indirect contact with an infected animal (e.g. through the soles of shoes, clothes or hands of the carers)

Please also note: cats that are outdoors should be vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination in the case of cats is not mandatory, but remember that rabies is a fatal disease, both for the animal and man.

VACCINATE YOUR CATS – especially those that are less than two years old. This also applies to cats that do not leave the house and do not have contact with other cats.
And remember: kittens must be vaccinated for the second time, preferably not later than 3-4 weeks after the first vaccination (we know cases when the cat got infected 5-6 weeks after the first vaccination). So, in case of toddlers, one vaccination is not enough.