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Feline diseases

Panleukopenia kills 80-90% of infected kittens – and does so with very intensive care, throughout the course of the disease. It is an extremely contagious disease, and the virus is very persistent – it persists in the environment for about a year. No temperature and only a few virucidal preparations work against it. The virus can be contracted by cats from other sick cats, but it can also be brought home on shoes.

FeLV – or feline leukemia, is a viral disease transmitted through saliva (licking, eating and drinking from shared bowls). It dies in a few seconds in the air – so we won’t transmit it on our hands or clothes. There are vaccines for it – often combined with the standard ones.

FIV – acquired immunodeficiency virus – viral disease transmitted by biting. It is very rare as it is not as easily transmitted. There is no vaccination.

Neither of the viruses FeLV and FIV is a sentence. Carrier does not mean disease, and a cat may not have their symptoms for many years or ever. This is the case with all our FeLV and FIV carriers, which are healthy and happy.

Cat scratch is a viral disease of the upper respiratory tract and eyes, affecting mostly kittens. Only on the surface it sounds like a normal, harmless cat’s nose. Cat scratch is life threatening, it can cause many complications e.g. corneal ulcers, and even lead to death.

FIP – infectious peritonitis – a viral disease transmitted by blood or feces of infected individuals. It activates with extreme stress. An incurable disease leading to death in the exudative form after a few weeks, and in the non-exudative form after a few months.