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How can you help?

Want to help but don’t know how? Here are some ways you can do it. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. Any help is welcome.

Temporary homes

Our Foundation does not have a shelter or any other place where homeless cats could be placed. That is why we really need help in the form of so-called temporary homes.

Temporary placement is a wonderful adventure and gives incredible satisfaction. We usually receive unhappy and deprived cats, which under our care discover what a full bowl and daily stroking means. The cats, who survived hunger and constant fear, very much appreciate the feeling of safety and human company. They learn to play, purr and communicate with humans. For us it is great fun and awareness that we save another cat’s life.

Temporary home is a great solution for people who need a furry friend’s company, but are not quite sure if they would like or could accept a cat on a permanent basis.

The task of the temporary home is to take pictures of the ward, if possible, post ads and report on the cat’s stay in the new place. You don’t have to be a cat expert here. You can count on our help and advice at any time.

After giving the “temporary” for adoption, we remain in contact with the new guardians and very often, in this way, great friendships are established 🙂

We encourage!

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Financial support

Our operations rely primarily on the financial proceeds from donations deposited into our bank account, donations dropped into our collection boxes, and amounts raised from online collections. Only with your help we can continue to help.

Our cans

Our cans are placed in several points in Stalowa Wola:

E.Leclerc ul. Niezłomnych 70, Stalowa Wola
Chem-Vet animal clinic 7 Brandwicka St., Stalowa Wola
Happy Pet store, 8 Poniatowskiego street, Stalowa Wola
Real Estate Agency B&B Poniatowskiego 14, Stalowa Wola
F.H.U. Sojka ul. Wrzawy 22, Gorzyce
Hospital in Nisk, ward II
Delikatesy Centrum

8 Sportowa Street, Nisko
Tysiąclecia street 8D, Nisko
16c Okulickiego street, Stalowa Wola

Online collections

From time to time we prepare online collections. We raise money for specific purposes. Join the collection for the kittens from the foundation.


Contributions can be made to the bank account:
72 1930 1233 2730 0727 8897 0001
Cat Island Foundation
Poniatowskiego street 14
37-450 Stalowa Wola
in the title: for statutory purposes

Online shopping

FaniMani helps foundations by providing a donation from companies for purchases made from them. You do your shopping online, it doesn’t cost you anything, there are no additional fees, and the store will transfer the donation to our foundation. All you need is a reminder or the FaniMani app.

Find out more at:


Anyone can become a Foundation volunteer. Our activities are very diverse and everyone can contribute something valuable.

Volunteers take care of cats in the clinic, feed free-roaming cats and often help with catching cats for sterilization.

People who are good with computers are involved in editing our website and Facebook fanpage and are responsible for creating ads for cat adoptions and contacting potential adopters.

We still need people willing to join our actions, because only through volunteers, we can expand the scale of our activities.

We look forward to your response, initiative and ideas!

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In-kind donations

We accept help in the form of:

Donations in kind can be brought to companies, where there is a basket for food collection:

Estate Agency B&B 14 Poniatowskiego Street, Stalowa Wola (next to the post office)
PSB Mrówka store ul. Przemysłowa 11, Stalowa Wola,

Address for shipment will be given by phone.

Become a virtual caregiver

From all the cats that are on our website in the adoption section, you can choose the one that has particularly fallen into your heart and you would like to improve its fate.

As virtual guardians, you can receive once in a while, news about how your protégé is doing in our foundation conditions.

The average monthly cost of maintaining a cat is 50 PLN and this is the minimum amount which virtual guardians have to pay.

Yes, I want to help!!!

If you want to help the foundation – fill out the questionnaire, which will help us set tasks for you.

And if you have an idea how else you can help – share it with us by sending the survey as well.