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Found home



Otto and Irys are the best friends, they both love people and fun.


Moriata and Goldena came to us from a terrible place. They had practically no care there, and they wanted human attention so much …
Every day we are amazed how polite and loving they are. Someone who adopts them will be a real lucky one and we have no doubt that they will fall in love as quickly as we do.
They can go for adoption together or separately, but cat’s company is advisable.


Age: about 2 years

Yuri is a wonderful kitten. He gets along very well with other kittens, he is resolute and fluffy. Although he tries to act seriously for the photos, he actually enjoys his youth, having fun with everything he finds and encouraging other kittens to do the same. Yuri is waiting for a wonderful house with a young cat companion. Necessarily not outgoing.