Another dramatic intervention took place at home, where alcohol is never lacking, and animals can be ‘wrapped’ if they get too tangled between their legs. Another three cats in very bad condition found their way to our foundation.
Their lives were not easy and they require a lot of work to keep them healthy.

Chuck is a kitten after a long journey, who found himself wonderfully under one roof with people and other cats. He is a lazy, gentle male who likes to talk to himself and will not leave any questions unanswered.
In relation to other males, he can show that he is in charge, but usually it ends in a verbal skirmish and splitting up
Chuck, lived on a property ruled by high-alcoholic beverages and animals were only minor additions (only tolerated by their mice-catching abilities).
Meanwhile, we are dealing with a unique miziak with a great disposition and a lot of love for their caretakers.
Take and love